Sunday, 16 August 2015

Of Random Failure

Mood: Each a tad bit of satisfaction, tired & blurriness

Song: Wolf Whistling Song by Ringo Hiyori

Took me months to find a time to finish up the third issue Paranorma zine. Aside of late submissions (and incomplete too) I find it rather hard to think on which focus issue or sources for the articles on my side. Forgive me guys. 

It's been a while since I posted in english as well...

Well, I know people's expectations (especially parents) can be quite annoying, blasphemous, ridiculously illogical whatever you wanted to call it but then again it's for our own good yadda yadda

... it can be proven their blindness on our PoV (point of view) too. If only they try to understand our situations better.

I'm failing. Hold on...

To define success is subjective. In fact some people think being a crazy wandering hobo is a result of success. Some people will think,

"Who wanted to become like of that crazy man anyway?"

"Eww... look at that scum!"

That's general point of view as you can see. How about this answer?

"What a good life he leads! No more carrying worldly burdens like us!"

See? All about PoV. Well, obviously I'm not promoting you guys to become like one (well, me neither).

To sum up everything, you define your success. If you think you're successful, then you are.

Cut that crap. That was random.


Thanks for the words. Thank you for reminding my eventual cockiness soaring like a crazy peacock about to hit an airplane. Thanks for reminding me that I can fall too. Maybe I used to fell so hard and in my mind currently pretending as if I'm ascending to the heavens. Thank you for sticking around.

InsyaAllah. We'll raise our own kids twice as crazy, twice as sensible. Obviously gonna inherit our craziness. Hahaha!

wishful thinking

...and that song reminds me of you.